Drive Axle and Trailer Axle Motion Controls

Drive Axle Motion Controls


The Drive Axle Motion Controls greatly reduce the bounce and bogey hop of your drive axles.  We do this by installing them directly into the suspension air springs.  By controlling the movement of the air springs, we control the drive axles.  What this means for you is a much smoother ride.  Not only will you feel the difference at highway speeds, but in crossing railroad tracks or pulling a tanker, car hauling, etc.

Our Drive Axle Motion Controls make a major contribution to improving the overall ride of your truck.  They are available for 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch air lines.  (Note: We can build Drive Axle Motion Controls for Kenworth AG100s but not for later versions.)   Price:  $130.00 a pair for 1/4" pipe thread; $170.00 a pair for 3/8" pipe thread; $212.00 a pair for 1/2" pipe thread


Trailer Axle Motion Controls


If you have an air ride trailer, the Trailer Axle Motion Controls are just one more way to improve your overall ride.  A trailer that is bouncing and swaying less means a truck that is easier to drive. Trailer Motion Controls are available for 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch air lines.  They install directly into the air springs and are self-regulating. They are calibrated at the factory but different control levels are available.  Price:  $130.00 a pair for 1/4" pipe thread; $170.00 a pair for 3/8" pipe thread 



See Drive Axle Motion Control installation instructions below: 

Step 1

Caution:  Place blocks in front and behind drive axle wheels to prevent truck movement when air spring pressure is released.


Step 2

Disconnect air lines.


Step 3

Remove air line brass fittings from the running tees.  Remove running tees from top of the drive axle air spring.



Step 4

Be sure to use adequate sealer on pipe thread and then insert the running tee into the top of the Drive Axle Motion Control.


Step 5

Insert assembly into top of drive axle air spring using pipe sealer. The Control must be the first thing next to the air spring.



Step 6

Re-attach air lines to the running tee.



Step 7

Air up and check for leaks by spraying with soapy water.


Trailer Axle Motion Controls

Trailer Axle Motion Controls are also available for existing trailer air springs for 3/8 inch air line and 1/2 inch air line.



Comments About Drive Axle and Trailer Axle Motion Controls

"I love it.  When I got down to Interstate 20 I couldn't believe the difference in the truck . . . I am feeling much less wear and tear on my arms.  This truck was the terror from hell to handle going down the road.  After the (Motion Controls) . . . installed on this truck I can surely say thank you very much. The truck handles so good now it is unbelievable. The crosswinds don't bother the handling now.  I would recommend your products to anyone.  Now I can pull doubles in the crosswinds now."  

A.R., Nevada (Purchased Steer Axle Motion Controls for an existing steer axle air system, Cab/Sleeper Motion Controls and Drive Axle Motion Controls)


"Now I know why you guarantee them (Motion Controls). You don't get any back.  Putting the Steer Axle Controls on first really helped. Cab Controls next really helped.  I haven't put Drive Axle Controls on yet."  J.B., Kentucky (Purchased Steer Axle Motion Controls for an existing steer axle air system, Cab/Sleeper Motion Controls and Drive Axle Motion Controls)


"I really, really, really like the way they stabilize the truck. It handles like a sports car.  High praise for your product.  It's windy today, but I'm not fighting it, there's no lane drift.  I understand better what it does.  Really great, works great.  Really happy with it."  K.E., Indiana  (Purchased Cab/Sleeper, Seat and Drive Axle Motion Controls)


". . . just wanted to let you know the 1/2" set of drive controls for my 2016 579 Peterbilt are working great!  Has taken all the pitch and sway out.  Have had them on about 2000 miles now.  Thank you for researching the change and getting them to me so quickly."  S.L., Idaho  (Purchased Drive Axle Motion Controls) 


". . . got my parcel on Friday.  Fitted them to the drive on Saturday and I'm happy with them.  Money well spent."  G.S., Tasmania, Australia  (Purchased Drive Axle Motion Controls)



"I was hoping it would help me at least 50% but it helped me 95% or more!  It (wiggle wagon) doesn't rock and flop in the yard or on the highway now.  It's going straight now.  I can't believe it!  M.L., North Dakota (Purchased two pairs of Trailer Axle Motion Controls)


"I'm happy with them.  The roll and pitch has all been eliminated.  It's a very good system."  N.H., Nebraska (Purchased Cab/Sleeper Motion Controls, Seat Motion Control and Drive Axle Motion Controls)


"I have had your cab controls on for one thousand miles now and can tell a difference.  I would like to order two pairs of Drive Axle Controls . . ."   E.S., Connecticut


"I really like the Trailer Axle Motion Controls.  The trailer corners better and rides steady.  The DV1.5 Steer Axle Motion Controls and the DV1.5 Seat Motion Control are making a big difference."  B.S., New York  


"I am sending this e-mail to thank you . . . I have had the system for a while now and just love it.  My trailer tracks better in high winds and the ride is so much smoother . . ."  J.M., Texas  (Purchased Cab/Sleeper Motion Controls, Drive Axle Motion Controls and Trailer Axle Motion Controls)


"I did purchase four of your air bag suspension valves (Motion Controls) and I'm very happy to say I believe it took out about 50% of the hop and bounce on my bobtailing trips." C.R., New Jersey (Purchased Drive Axle Motion Controls)






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