Cab/Sleeper and Steer Axle Motion Controls

Cab/Sleeper Motion Controls


The Cab/Sleeper Motion Controls check the side to side rocking of the sleeper and the bouncing at the back of the sleeper.  You will not have to fight the steering wheel to keep the truck straight in crosswinds. Your co-driver will be able to sleep better and not have "to hang onto the edge of the bunk" to keep from falling out. Your belongings will stay put in the bunk.  It's even easier to cook while rolling down the highway. As one customer with a big condo said, "my eggs stayed right in the frying pan!" You'd be surprised how much of the movement you feel at the steering wheel comes from the excess movement of your sleeper. The Cab/Sleeper Motion Controls can take most of that motion out.  The Controls install in the air line directly below the air spring.  They never need replacing and are self-regulating.  They are calibrated at the factory but different control levels are available.  Price:  $130.00 a pair


Steer Axle Motion Controls


If you have an existing air ride suspension and are getting bounce and sway our Steer Axle Motion Controls are available.  They reduce excess bounce and sway and increase the stability and safety of your ride.  They are self-regulating and factory calibrated, however, different control levels are available.  Steer axle air ride often needs additional control to take out excess rock, roll and bounce.  Price: $130.00 a pair


See Cab/Sleeper installation instructions below:

Step 1

Caution:  Be sure to block up cab and sleeper frame before cutting air lines and inserting Motion Controls to avoid any pinch hazard.



Step 2

Air the sleeper down completely.




Step 3

Cut air lines with a clean 90 degree cut approximately 1 and 1/4 inch below air springs.



Step 4

Both ends of the cut line must be completely clean of all dirt, etc. Failure to do so will stop tube from seating in fitting and cause air leaks.



Step 5

Install one Motion Control in each line. They are bi-directional.  Be sure to push tubing firmly into the Control to avoid air leaks.



Step 6

Air sleeper back up.


Step 7

Check for leaks with soapy water.


Installation Example






Comments on Cab/Sleeper and Steer Axle Motion Controls 

"I bought some of your valves (Motion Controls) here a couple of weeks ago and installed them today and took them out for a test drive.  Night and day difference. Unbelievable what those little valves do for this truck.  If you need a testimonial I'll give you one because it makes trucks much safer and it appears to me that the truck is going to handle a lot better and I'm looking forward to going out with my first load on Sunday night with it.   So thanks . . ."  

G.P.,  Minnesota  (Purchased Steer Axle Motion Controls for an existing steer axle air system and Cab/Sleeper Motion Controls)


"I love it.  When I got down to Interstate 20 I couldn't believe the difference in the truck . . . I am feeling much less wear and tear on my arms.  This truck was the terror from hell to handle going down the road.  After the (Motion Controls) . . . installed on this truck I can surely say thank you very much. The truck handles so good now it is unbelievable. The crosswinds don't bother the handling now.  I would recommend your products to anyone.  Now I can pull doubles in the crosswinds now."  A.R., Nevada (Purchased Steer Axle Motion Controls for an existing steer axle air system, Cab/Sleeper Motion Controls and Drive Axle Motion Controls)


". . . (My wife) wakes up whenever we are unloading. Now with the Cab/Sleeper Motion Controls she sleeps through an unloading . . ."  D.R., Arkansas  


"The Cab Controls are also doing an excellent job of smoothing out the rock and roll of the cab especially in high wind situations such as we have been experiencing this winter . . ."  E.S., Ohio




"I'm happy with them.  The roll and pitch has all been eliminated.  It's a very good system."  

N.H., Nebraska (purchased Cab/Sleeper Motion Controls, Seat Motion Control and Drive Axle Motion Controls)


"I have had your cab controls on for one thousand miles now and can tell a difference.  I would like to order two pairs of Drive Axle Controls . . ."   E.S., Connecticut


"Now I know why you guarantee them (Motion Controls). You don't get any back.  Putting the Steer Axle Controls on first really helped. Cab Controls next really helped. . ."  J.B., Kentucky (Purchased Steer Axle Motion Controls for an existing steer axle air system, Cab/Sleeper Motion Controls and Drive Axle Motion Controls)


"I am sending this e-mail to thank you . . . I have had the system for a while now and just love it.  My trailer tracks better in high winds and the ride is so much smoother . . ."  J.M., Texas  (Purchased Cab/Sleeper Motion Controls, Drive Axle Motion Controls and Trailer Axle Motion Controls)


"I really, really, really like the way they stabilize the truck. It handles like a sports car.  High praise for your product.  It's windy today, but I'm not fighting it, there's no lane drift.  I understand better what it does.  Really great, works great.  Really happy with it."  K.E., Indiana  (Purchased Cab/Sleeper, Seat and Drive Axle Motion Controls) 






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