Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the Donvel Ride Control System?


A.  It is a unique air control system for Class 6, 7, 8 trucks patented by Donvel.  The Donvel Ride Control System consists of two products, the Steer Axle Stabilizers and the Motion Controls for the existing air springs on your cab/sleeper, seat, drive axles and trailer axles.


Q.  How does the Donvel Ride Control System reduce bounce and sway?


A.  Our unique air control system with the Motion Controls constantly controls how fast the Stabilizers are reacting with any pressure settings the driver may give them.  Built-in control gives quickness of response to each bump, with a holding and releasing effect.  This greatly reduces excess spring action, quieting and smoothing the ride.  The Steer Axle Stabilizers greatly reduce the work shock absorbers have to do and extend their life.  They also lessen damage to the cab and sensitive electronics in the dash, not to mention the most important component, the driver.  The high condo sleepers have a special problem with rock and roll that causes stress on the steer axle, causing the truck to wander.  By installing Motion Controls with the existing air springs on the sleeper you can virtually eliminate excessive sleeper movement, therefore working hand in hand with the Stabilizers.  The truck goes down the road straighter with much better control.


Q.  How does the Donvel Ride Control System differ from other air ride products?


A.  Our patented Motion Controls provide millisecond quick control of the Stabilizers.  This controlling force is constantly reducing over compression and bounce back of the truck‘s steel springs.  It also greatly reduces excess chassis movement.  In addition, the constant holding and releasing action of the Stabilizers gives increased stability to the truck’s steer axle, making cornering safer and extending the life of the shock absorbers and steer tires.

Q.  Does the Donvel Ride Control System require a change to my truck?


A.  No.  Your truck is not altered.  You may have to remove the shock absorbers to install the Stabilizers, but then you re-install the shocks.


Q.  Are the Steer Axle Stabilizer kits universal?


A.  No.  Each kit is custom built for your truck‘s make and model only.  You can download our Measurement Sheet or we can fax it to you.  Once complete, the form can be faxed to Donvel at (903) 845-2562 or you can call Donvel with the measurements. We also appreciate a photo of each side to see where the shock absorbers are, etc.


Q.  Can I install the Donvel Ride Control System myself?


A.  Yes.  Installation instructions for the Steer Axle Stabilizers and Motion Controls are included.  The Steer Axle Stabilizer kit is complete, with every part that you need to install it yourself.  The Stabilizers arrive assembled, ready to set over the leaf springs behind the axle block.  You do have to drill two holes in the frame in order to bolt the Stabilizers into place (unless you have a Kenworth W900L).  The Stabilizers are anchored to the axle block with bolt and bars.  A gauge and valve are included for the dash so you can adjust the air pressure at any time (a bezel is also available).  The Motion Controls for the existing air springs on the cab/sleeper and seat are installed in the air line first thing out of the air spring.  The Motion Controls for the drive axles and trailer axles are inserted into the air spring after the lines and running tees have been removed. 


Q.  Where can I buy replacement air springs?


A.  Donvel keeps replacement air springs in stock.  The air springs come with the brass installed.


Q.  What if I change trucks?  Are the Steer Axle Stabilizers transferable?


A.  Yes, the Stabilizers can be transferred from one truck to another, provided it is the same truck make and model.  The Stabilizers are not transferable between different truck makes and models.  This is because each Stabilizer kit is custom built for the truck they go on to ensure a good fit and appearance.

Q.  Does Donvel do installations?


A.  We do not do installations or factory repairs.


Q.  What is your warranty and return policy?


A.  There is a one year warranty on the air springs.  You may return our products within 30 days of purchase date for a refund.  The Motion Controls are guaranteed to the original owner for the life of the truck.

Q.  Do you build Steer Axle Stabilizers for pick ups?


A.  No.  The Steer Axle Stabilizers are designed for the Class 6, 7, 8 trucks.  You may wish to contact the Air Lift Company at (800) 248-0892.  They have product designed for the automotive industry.  Our Motion Controls can be added to their product to further improve your ride. 

Q.  How much weight do the Steer Axle Stabilizers add to the front end of my truck?


A.  Depending on the truck, Stabilizer kits weigh from 28 to 48 pounds. 

Q.  Can the Steer Axle Stabilizers be used as a weigh scale?


A.  No.   Donvel does not recommend this. 

Q.  Can the Steer Axle Stabilizers be used to raise my truck that has been lowered?


A.  No.  The Steer Axle Stabilizers are designed to control the excess bounce at highway speeds and do not provide adequate lift to raise a lowered truck. 


Q.  Do you build Steer Axle Stabilizers for motor homes?


A.  No, we do not build Steer Axle Stabilizers for motor homes.


Q.  Do you build Steer Axle Stabilizers for trucks with an RV conversion?


A.  We can build the Steer Axle Stabilizers for the truck if it is a class 6, 7, or 8 and has a traditional steering axle set up.  A measurement sheet and photos are required.






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