Steer Axle Stabilizers

Control is the key to improving your truck's ride and handling.   Air ride suspensions are great but they bounce and rock, overreacting to the bounce and roll especially at highway speed and in the wind. Donvel uses air springs that are being controlled in milliseconds with our Motion Controls. This gives you a totally different approach and solution to many of the bad effects you are feeling on the highway.


What this means for you is greater ride safety and stability, less physical pain and fatigue and reduced maintenance costs.


Donvel does this by using the Steer Axle Stabilizers as the first line of defense against bounce and sway and then using the Motion Controls to finish the job by reducing the bounce and sway of the existing air springs on the cab, sleeper, seat, drive axles and trailer axles.


The Steer Axle Stabilizers with Motion Controls are the first to react to all road conditions. You adjust the pressure needed for each load balance, fifth-wheel setting and trailer axle setting.  We build internally how fast the units are reacting to the pressure the driver gives them. They react to each bump by holding and releasing instantaneously reducing the overcompression and snap back of the leaf springs. This controls the movement of the steer axle and flattens the bump and reduces back slap, body roll and road walk.


In addition to reducing bounce, the Steer Axle Stabilizers control sway. If your truck hits a pot hole, or leans in the corners, the Stabilizers will compensate for it instantly and work against that lean.


What all this means is a truck that travels straight down the road with greatly reduced shock and vibration to the truck and yourself.  The steering wheel will shake less in your hands.  Your ride will be less painful and tiring. Your dash will vibrate less.  You will be able to turn corners more safely. You won't have to fight the steering wheel to stay in the road.  Your shock absorbers will last longer. Your tires will wear longer with less dipping.


One of our customers said, "We are not exhausted anymore.  My wife and I are not oversteering anymore, constantly correcting the truck.   I used to get mentally tired focusing on keeping the truck in the road.  I can think about other things now because it's so easy to drive.  It's an amazing transition. My coffee doesn't spill." (J.H., Arizona)


The Steer Axle Stabilizers are custom built for each truck to ensure a good fit and factory appearance. They are shipped assembled with every part included for self-installation and come ready to bolt on. The Steer Axle Motion Controls on the Steer Axle Stabilizers are calibrated at our factory but different levels of control are available.


When you are ready to order, please download our measurement sheet, (see link below) and fill it out.  You can e-mail it as an attachment to


You can adjust the air pressure from the dash as the road and load changes.  A bezel is also available for under dash mounting of the air gauge and valve.


Adobe Acrobat document [28.6 KB]

Prices start from $1,875.00 to $1,900.00 complete plus shipping.  Because each Steer Axle Stabilizer kit is custom built for your truck, please contact Donvel for an exact quote.  OOIDA members are eligible for a $50.00 discount on the Steer Axle Stabilizers only. 

Twin air springs behind the axle block.
Double convoluted air spring behind the axle block.
Single air spring before and after the axle block to avoid shock absorbers, exhaust pipe, etc.
Single air spring before and twin air springs after the axle block on some select models giving nearly 30% more controlling power.

Comments on Steer Axle Stabilizers


”Smoothing Out The Rock and Roll”


". . . sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you with my comments on your products. As you may recall I purchased the axle stabilizer along with the cab control units and was to give you input on the seat control. 


I will start with the seat control unit . . . I‘ve found that I don’t need half as much air in the seat to still get the same support and response that I used to have before installing the control making it a lot more comfortable and smoother in the seat for me. 


The cab control units are also doing an excellent job of smoothing out the rock and roll of the cab especially in high wind situations such as we have been experiencing this winter.


Now for the big one, the steer axle stabilizer. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! What else can I say? My truck has never and I mean never ridden so good as it does with your product. I just wish I would have gotten it sooner!! I go down the road no matter what the load and road is like and feel like I am riding in a Rolls Royce. And by putting these 3 items together and I have not looked more forward to getting in a truck than I do now!! 

After 20 years of being out here and trying all sorts of things to get trucks to ride the way I‘ve always thought they could I’ve finally got one that does. I will never own or drive another truck without your products installed on them. You‘ve got one extremely satisfied customer in me."     


Sincerely,  E.S., Ohio


“Darting And Diving Is Nearly Gone”


"Thanks for a great product.  I felt the very much improved ride before I got out of town.  The ride is so much better.  It is like night and day difference.  The darting and diving is nearly gone.  The side sway is nearly gone.  This is doing everything you said it would and then some.  I should have done this a lot sooner. Thanks again for the much improved ride."  


G.A., Kansas


“Name Brand Components”


". . . I recently purchased a set of the Donvel Steering Axle Stabilizers at my local Peterbilt dealer. I have used them for two weeks now under a variety of load conditions. I have thought about this letter for more than a week. I wondered if I should try to express my complete satisfaction, or if I should be brief and simply state how pleased I am with what, at the time of purchase, I thought to be a pricey gadget.  Well, I decided that some elaboration would be in order. I knew if I tried to describe completely the revolutionary changes in ride and driver fatigue I have experienced, it would sound as if I was being paid to write this letter. Additionally, it would take many pages to express adequately how I feel about these devices.


First, as a long-time mechanic, I immediately noticed the total quality of workmanship. Every weld is symmetrical, quality, name brand components are used throughout and even the nuts and bolts are high end. The installation, which I did myself, was uneventful. It was so simple I was able to do the complete installation in about two hours using tools any home shop would have. The instructions were so accurate and complete, I would have been able to install the system by simply looking at the picture - though I did read every word just to make sure. I had one technical question that you were able to answer immediately when I called your toll-free number. Heck, you even answered the telephone.


Second, as soon as I rolled down the street for a test drive (bob-tail), I was able to experience a difference in the softness of the ride and the ease with which the truck rolled across a railroad crossing. I always thought that most of the harshness of my 377 set forward was caused by the rear air-leaf suspension. Boy, was I surprised to learn how much of the problem was coming from the front.   Third, during the last two weeks I have been amazed at how much driver is left at the end of 10 hours. I think this is attributable to being able to adjust quickly to varying road conditions. I have been able to get a smooth, stable ride in virtually every road-load situation.


I could go on and on, but time and space prohibit . . . I will be happy to lend whatever assistance I can to the end of getting a set of these things on every Peterbilt. They should be standard equipment from the factory."


Sincerely, L.H., Georgia 

“Able To Dial Out Most Of The Shock”


" . . . I’m happy to say that I have installed the air bags and am quite pleased with the performance on my Volvo 770.  I installed them myself without any special tools, just a 1/2 in. drill and normal wrenches in about 4 1/2 hours - about an hour of which was spent deciding where to locate the valve and gauge on an already quite full dashboard.  I had only about nine inches of air tubing left over after the installation so I suggest including a couple more feet with the kits.  I had three problems with the front end of my truck which are now solved.  One of which was solved by fitting the truck with a heavier duty steer tire load rated for 7,300 lbs. The other two, the harsh front end ride, and overloaded shackles were solved by the addition of the Donvel Steer Axle Stabilizers.


In a world where advertisers seem willing to say just about anything regardless of the truth, making all sorts of wild claims, few of which actually hold up in the real world, it is refreshing to see that the claims made in Donvel’s literature do, in fact, hold up to be true, even to a rather skeptical tough sell such as myself.

With little experimentation I am literally able to dial out most of the shock to my dashboard caused by horrendous concrete joints and breaks in the surface such as I-40 and I-30 in Arkansas among others.  With an opposite setting I can dial out a lot of trailer back slap from wavy roads.  Also, quite a bit of the wander from road ruts has been eliminated.


But one advantage that may seem to be only a concern to some is that on my Volvo the front end is so seriously overloaded right out of the factory (12,420 bobtail) that I was unable to successfully get grease into the shackle pins without jacking the weight off them - a job that is more difficult than suspected on the road where few shops have a jack capable of jacking from the tow hook tubes, the only way to jack the frame, not the axle.  The way I formerly had to do it was insert a bottle jack between the leaf spring and the frame and jack them apart.  This is precisely where the Donvel air bag is installed already so all I have to do is inflate them to accomplish the same thing - only without all the sweat and greasy clothes!  Now all I have to do to successfully get grease into the shackles is to inflate the air bags to 100 lbs. just before going into the grease shop!  I can also easily grease them between services quite easily with my own low pressure portable grease gun.


The long term benefit of taking some of the weight off the shackle pins and bushings should be, of course, much longer wear for the bushings.  I must also add that the first class air fittings used (push on) really added to the ease of installation.  Good choice.  Thanks.  You may reprint all or part of this letter for your advertising purposes without compensation as long as you remain true to the original intent." 


Sincerely, D.B., New York


”I Could Tell A Big Difference”


" . . . I have to write you and say that right up to the very end I was hesitant and unsure about your product.  I mean there are so many products in this world that make big claims and a guy spends his hard earned money believing the claims and advertisements and most of the time is let down or basically smoothly conned out of his money!  But after several phone calls and putting if off for (5) five years I finally bought the steering control stabilizer for the steer axle on my ‘88 FLC-120.  Even during the installation I, along with the mechanic and shop wallflowers and naysayers was still doubtful, but secretly hoping to myself it would really work!  After 1 1/2 hours of installation, I hooked up my trailer and loaded it.  I was both shocked and very relieved, I could tell a big difference in how it (the semi) handled!  You did not lie!  Before . . . going across expansion joints on overpasses, bridges, etc. it would jar me out of my chair.  Now I can hardly feel them.  It even smooths out rumble strips!  And washboard gravel roads!  All of it nice and smooth!  Even the installation was what you said.  


Your product is well engineered and thought out.   We have a lot of wind out here and crosswinds are hardly noticeable now.  I overloaded the rig on purpose to 88,000 lbs. gross and it feels and handles like it’s empty. It rides and handles like a Lincoln Continental!  Finally a product that really works!!!  Also, everybody on your staff is very helpful and cheerful and friendly.  I’d like to inquire about a dealership, if you have such a thing? Please let me know.  If you look on a USA map everything east of the Cascade Mountain Range to Idaho, from Canada down to Pendleton, Oregon it’s all agriculture.  And there’s hundreds and hundreds of semis here that could use your product.  Again, thanks for a product that works like it’s advertised!!  Keep it up!


*Use this letter in your advertisements as a testament to your product!  


Sincerely, M.M., Washington


“No Spring Pop or Dip”


"Just a short note to let you know how happy I am with my ride stabilization system from Donvel.  I no longer cringe after a pot hole hitting incident.  I just feel a slight cushioned effect and know the air bags and special valves controlling them are doing as intended, no jarring of the steering wheel, no spring pop or dip.  When I look at my steer tires, there is no cupping or excess wear along the edges, and my truck holds an alignment job for many hundreds of thousands of miles.  The wind is not scary as it once was as there is no fade or dip or other unstable behavior as the truck maintains its intended path with ease.  Steering curves is a pleasure now that the air bags stop the springs from sagging and dipping.  At times, I think I am in a race car instead of a class 8 truck!  BTW:  I am going on 2 years with my system and it has passed all my test[s] with ease.  I would not drive another truck without your product installed on it." 


H.B., Texas 


“Increase In Tire Life"


". . . I own a 1999 Kenworth T2000.  I knew going in that my front tire life would not be the best because all the setback axles I’ve been around in Alaska did poorly, (around 60,000 miles at best).  I would assume because of the extra weight up front.


My truck came with Michelin XZA2 rubber on the front and by the time it had 61,000 miles on it they were cupped out and shaking bad not to my surprise.  I put on a new set of Michelin XZE (a cheaper more inferior tire, according to the dealer, and when the tires had 9000 miles on them, at 70,000 miles I put on your Air Springs.  I did nothing to the alignment, in fact I didn’t even set the tow in, as I wanted to see if I wasted my money with your product.  I just pulled that set of tires off at 164,900 miles, for a total of 103,900 miles on them, which is a 70% increase in tire life.  I am very impressed with the tire life and improved ride and handling your Air Bags gave me.  Up here in Alaska given the road conditions we have to deal with this kind of mileage is almost unheard of on any truck, let alone one that carries 12,300 lbs. on the front bob-tail. Thanks again for a quality product." 


Sincerely, J.R., Alaska


“Less Physical Pain”


". . . I really can’t find enough great things to say about your product.  Better ride, less physical pain at the end of the day, more miles with less effort, better handling and on and on.  This is a really good product and has done wonders for my old truck.  Hardly a rattle in the old girl after the addition of your air bags . . ." 


D.C., Wyoming


“Extended Life Of Moving Parts”


". . . Your product has contributed greatly to the extended life of the moving parts on the front axle of my 1998 Kenworth W900L. Your air assist Stabilizers, along with a good maintenance program, and the right people, made all the difference in the world. The combination of equipment, maintenance and the people who know what to use and when to use it has made all the difference in saving me thousands of dollars in repair and replacement parts. . . I still have original parts on the front axle. . ."


 J.M., Pennsylvania


"Trailer Tracks Better In High Winds"


"I am sending you this e-mail to thank you for the air ride system you put on my . . . tractor and . . . trailer.

I have had the system for a while now and just love it.  My trailer tracks better in high winds and the ride is so much smoother . . .  Appreciate you very much."


J.M., Texas


"My Truck Now Has A Much Safer Feel"


"After only one week I am writing to affirm your belief in your product.  With my fifth wheel back over my rear drive axle my tractor steer axle always felt light and out of control, especially when I was carrying a large power boat.  By increasing the pressure in my front air bags I can increase my control over my steer axle. When empty 30 pounds to 45 pounds gives me the feel of the road I want, when loaded I use 50 pounds to 75 pounds of pressure.  The road surface also helps me determine the pressure setting I use.  My truck now has a much safer feel and gives me a more comfortable ride than it ever has before. I get less wheel-hop on washboard roads, and less wheel-bounce on roads with holes or uneven patches.  This system is worth the price, it is an excellent value."


D.P., Michigan


"No More Banging Back And Fro"


"The truck rides so much better.  There is no more banging back and fro when leaving driveways, that is great.  It is smoother on the road and no more bottoming out in rough areas.  Thanks a lot!!!"


L.S., Texas


"It Has Made A Tremendous Improvement"


". . . We did want to let you know that we are thoroughly enjoying our new Donvel air stabilization system . . We had the front axle, back axle, sleeper and seats 'donvelized' and it has made a tremendous improvement in the ride of our (truck)!  Thank you for the wonderful system that you have created and the time and care that you invest in every one of your customers.  It's obvious that you truly do care about your customers and the product that you sell. . ."  Most sincerely,


A.M., Missouri


"I Don't Ride, I Glide"


"As stated in my phone call today, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for inventing, producing and marketing the Donvel Active Ride Control Stabilizers.


The ride has improved so very much in the truck that it's really hard to put into words.  Ron tells the guys "I don't ride, I glide," and tells everyone about your system.  We've copied the information we have to share with the owner operators, hope you don't mind.  That can explain the system and they've got your telephone number for inquiries . . . It may have taken us eight (8) months to finally get . . . them installed but I think that just makes us appreciate them more . . ."


C.P., Texas


"Improved Comfort"


"I am an owner/operator of a . . . Class 8 Expedite truck.  . . . I ordered my entire suspension system be equipped with Donvel Air Stabilizers.  A few months ago, I started the process by installing the Donvel Steering Axle Stabilizing System but was lacking stabilizers on the sleeper and rear suspension air springs.  At the time, I didn't comprehend how controllers [Motion Controls] on rear and sleeper suspensions could make that big a difference, besides I always thought that trucks were supposed to ride rough, that was the nature of a truck.  After experiencing how outstanding a job the Donvel front axle system did assisting the factory spring suspension.  I was more inclined to believe that installing patented Donvel controllers could improve the overall handling and ride of the entire truck . . .


. . . I traveled to San Antonio, Texas, across Interstate 20 (west towards Dallas) to pick up a load.  I thought I recalled that that stretch of road had some really rough sections, but after the installation, I decided I must have been mistaken and proceeded from San Antonio over to Atlanta, across Interstate 10.  I really got excited when the same thing seemed to have happened on Interstate 10 because I knew that I 10 was one rough stretch of road.  That trip to Atlanta was so smooth, compared to other trips across there that I became most impressed.  Those stabilizers make all the difference.  My wife and I both agree that this truck now rides better than any truck we have ever driven . . . The bumps in the road are diminished and the handling when changing lanes makes me feel much more in control.  The freight box no longer pitches when going through abrupt changes in direction.  When we used to have to jump a curb, the whole truck would lurch, even to the point of knocking things out from where they were stowed, but now the truck only goes through a minor adjustment when in a tight, curb-jumping situation.


Maybe improved comfort would be sufficient for most people, but there is another dramatic effect that these Stabilizers have had on our performance.  We can now sleep over the roughest of roads whereas many times we had to time our sleeping periods within stretches of road that were smoother.  As most truckers know, especially expedite truckers, being able to get sufficient rest is a key factor to our success.  Long trips are so much easier for us now that we know we can get our rest while in transit, regardless of what particular stretch of road we are on.


I highly recommend patented Donvel Controllers [Motion Controls] and Front Axle Assist Systems [Steer Axle Stabilizers] for any over-the-road trucks.  They will make you glad you installed them many times over."


D.P., Ohio


"Truck Rides About 80% Better"


"I had my concerns about the air bags on the steer axle, but after talking to you and a customer that had the system on I decided to try it.  What I thought would take some of the bumps and chuck hole feeling away from the steer axle has turned out great!  The truck rides about 80% better and at the end of the day I'm not near as wore out!  I will put this system on my next truck when the time comes."


M.K., Iowa



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