Seat Motion Controls

If your seat is bottoming out or vertical seat travel is taking its toll on your back and legs there is something you can do about it.  You can control that seat movement by installing the Seat Motion Control in the air line next to the air spring.


By reducing the air spring bounce, excess vertical bounce and back slap is reduced in your seat.  You use 50% less air but stay comfortably in the mid range.  The Controls are calibrated according to your height and weight to give you a customized ride, however, other control levels are available.


Seat Motion Controls install in the air line directly above the air spring.  They never need replacing and are self-regulating.


Every driver and air seat can benefit from the controlling action of the Seat Motion Control.  


Price: $65.00 each


See Seat Motion Control installation instructions below:


Step 1

If air fitting is on top, air the seat down and tip up the cushion to gain access.



Step 2

If air fitting is on the bottom, block the seat up for safety before releasing air pressure.


Step 3

Air the seat down completely.



Step 4

Cut air line with a clean 90 degree cut approximately 1 and 1/4 inches from air spring fitting.


Step 5

Both ends of the cut line must be completely clean of all dirt, etc. Failure to do so will stop tube from seating in fitting and cause air leaks.



Step 6

Install one Seat Motion Control in the air line.  They are bi-directional.  Be sure to push tubing firmly into the Motion Control to avoid air leaks.



Step 7

Air seat back up.


Step 8

Check for leaks with soapy water.


Installation Example




Comments About Seat Controls

"The Seat Control does help the seat . . . it is 99% better and takes away the back slap."  D.R., Arkansas


"I will start with the seat control . . . I've found that I don't need half as much air in the seat to still get the same support and response that I used to have before installing the Control, making it a lot more comfortable and smoother in the seat for me . . ."

E.S., Ohio


"The Seat Motion Control is amazing.  It has reduced my bottoming out by 90%.  I've had it for a month and a half and I've only bottomed out five times.  It used to bottom out two or three times a day."  D.K., West Virginia



"I'm happy with them.  The roll and pitch has all been eliminated.  It's a very good system."  N.H., Nebraska  (Purchased Seat, Cab/Sleeper and Drive Axle Motion Controls)


". . . The DV1.5 Seat Motion Control (is) making a big difference."  B.S., New York  (Purchased Seat, Steer Axle and Trailer Axle Motion Controls)



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